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Jay Graydon Sessions - 2004

You're My Only Shining Star

Jessica Sheely

KADOMATSU T's SONGS FROM L.A. - The Ballad Covers Collection (Compilation by various artists)
Jay Graydon - Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Michael Landau: Lead & Rhythm Guitars Toshi Onikuza: Lead & Rhythm Guitars Tak Akimoto: Lead & Rhythm Guitars Grant Geissman, Abraham Laboriel: Acoustic Guitars John H. Wayne, Jim Stout: Bass Todd Sorensen: Drums Gino Vannelli: Piano Brett Raymond: Keyboards & Programming Tom Keane: Keyboards Michael Binikos, Tak Akimoto: Keyboards, Programming Marco Tessier: Programming Richard Beaudette: Sax Larry Lunetta, Andy Suzuki, Alex Ailes: Horns Jason Scheff, Joseph Williams, Marilyn Martin, Tom Keane, Margaret Linn, Mary Linn, Michael North: Background vocals


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