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Jay Graydon Sessions - 1984

A1 Raging Waters
Written-By - Jay Graydon, Robbie Buchanan, Al Jarreau
A2 Imagination
Written-By - Jay Graydon, Al Jarreau, Clif Magness, Glen Ballard
A3 Murphy's Law
A4 Tell Me
Written-By - Jay Graydon, Al Jarreau, Greg Phillinganes
A5 After All
Written-By - Jay Graydon, Al Jarreau, David Foster
B1 High Crime
Written-By - Jay Graydon, Al Jarreau, Bobby Lyle
B2 Let's Pretend
Written-By - Jay Graydon, Richard Page, Steve George, John Lang
B3 Sticky Wicket
Written-By - Jay Graydon, Greg Phillinganes, Al Jarreau
B4 Love Speaks Louder Than Words
B5 Fallin'
Written-By - Jay Graydon, Al Jarreau, Nathan East, Marcel East

Al Jarreau

Jay Graydon - Guitar, Arranger, Producer, Synthesizer, Engineer, Songwriter
Arranged By [Horns] - Jerry Hey (tracks: A2, B3) Arranger - Jay Graydon (A1 - A5, B1 –B3, B5) Backing Vocals - Al Jarreau (tracks: A3, B1, B4, B5), Bill Champlin (tracks: B1, B3, B5), Carmen Twillie (tracks: B1, B3, B5), Richard Page (tracks: A3), Siedah Garrett (tracks: B3) Bass - Bob Beats (tracks: A1), Jake Jugs (tracks: A4), Nathan East (tracks: A2, B4) Cymbal - Mike Baird (tracks: A4) Cymbal [Crashes] - Mike Baird (tracks: B5) Cymbal [Symbolic Crashes & Lo Hat] - Mike Baird (tracks: A2) Drums - Champ Time (tracks: B5), Chip McSticks (tracks: A2), Mike Baird (tracks: A5), O. Rapage (tracks: B2), Paul Jackson Jr. (tracks: B3), Rug Toupé (tracks: B2), Skinsoh Umor (tracks: A1), Tubs Margranate (tracks: B4), Tyrone B. Feedback (tracks: A4), U. L. Blowby (tracks: B3) Electronic Drums [Your Fill Of Electronic Drums] - Pat Mastelotto (tracks: B2) Engineer - Jay Graydon Engineer [Second] - Ian Eales Flugelhorn - Gary Grant (tracks: A3), Jerry Hey (tracks: A3) Guitar - Jay Graydon (tracks: A1 to A3, A5, B1, B4, B5), Paul Jackson Jr. (tracks: B1) Horns - Bill Reichenbach (2) (tracks: A2, B3), Charles Loper (tracks: A2, B3), Chuck Findley (tracks: A2, B3), Gary Grant (tracks: A2, B3), Jerry Hey (tracks: A2, B3) Mixed By - Ian Eales, Michael Verdick Music Consultant [Lyrical And Poetic] - Monica Dalsasso Photography By - Just Loomis Piano - Robbie Buchanan (tracks: B1) Piano, Synthesizer - David Foster (tracks: A5) Producer - Jay Graydon Programmed By [DX-1] - Bo Tomlin (tracks: B1, B4), Erich Bulling (tracks: A5) Programmed By [Fairlight Programming] - Gary Chang (tracks: A2) Synthesizer - Bobby Lyle (tracks: B1), Greg Phillinganes (tracks: A4, B3, B4), Jay Graydon (tracks: A2 to A4, B1, B4), Robbie Buchanan (tracks: A1, A2, A4, A5, B5), Steve George (tracks: B2)
I Keep Callin'

Al Jarreau

Jay Graydon - Guitar
Arranged By - Gene Page, James Carmichael George Duke - Fender Rhodes and the "Wang Bar Synth Solo" Producer - Hal Davis


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