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Jay Graydon Sessions - 1969

Games People Play
Soul Watcher
Since You Asked
Shades Of Jay
Evil Ways
The Woman Who Sends Me Home

George Duke

Repr. album:
Jay Graydon Guitar
George Duke Keyboards George Duke Main Performer George Duke Piano George Duke Synthesizer George Duke Vocals
1. House in the Country
2. Don't Leave Me
3. Higher
4. Bulgarian Bulge
5. Eli's Comin
6. Acoustical Lass
7. Good Feelin'
8. Send My Baby Back
9. Love for Rent
10. It's Your Thing
11. Ferris Wheel
12. Black Baby

Don Ellis

Repr. album:
Jay Graydon Guitar
Jo Julian Bass Carol Kaye Bass Joe Julian Bass Lee Pastora Bongos Fred Selden Clarinet Mike Altschul Clarinet Jon Clarke Clarinet Sam Faizone Clarinet Fred Seldon Clarinet Lonnie Shetter Clarinet Ron Starr Clarinet Sam Falzone Clarinet Mike Altschul Clarinet (Bass) Peter Manning Robinson Clavinet Lee Pastora Conga Lee Pastora Cowbell Ralph Humphrey Drums Rick Quintinal Drums Peter Manning Robinson Fender Rhodes Don Ellis Flugelhorn Stewart Blumberg Flugelhorn Jack Coan Flugelhorn John Rosenberg Flugelhorn Glenn Stuart Flugelhorn Fred Selden Flute Hadley Caliman Flute John Klemmer Flute Mike Altschul Flute Sam Faizone Flute Fred Seldon Flute Lonnie Shetter Flute Sam Falzone Flute Peter Manning Robinson Harpsichord Don Ellis Main Performer Lonnie Shetter Oboe Ralph Humphrey Percussion Lee Pastora Percussion Rick Quintinal Percussion Gene Strimling Percussion John Klemmer Performer Peter Manning Robinson Piano Peter Robinson Piano Peter Robinson Piano (Electric) Don Ellis Producer Al Kooper Producer Don Ellis Ring Modulated Trumpet Peter Manning Robinson Ring Modulator Fred Selden Sax (Alto) Lonnie Shetter Sax (Alto) Ron Starr Sax (Alto) Mike Altschul Sax (Baritone) Jon Clarke Sax (Baritone) Fred Selden Sax (Soprano) Fred Seldon Sax (Soprano) Lonnie Shetter Sax (Soprano) Hadley Caliman Sax (Tenor) John Klemmer Sax (Tenor) Sam Faizone Sax (Tenor) Sam Falzone Sax (Tenor) Fred Selden Saxophone Sam Falzone Saxophone Lee Pastora Shaker Doug Bixby Trombone Jack Ellis Trombone Jock Ellis Trombone Glenn Ferris Trombone George Bohanon Trombone Dana Hughes Trombone (Bass) Don Ellis Trumpet Stewart Blumberg Trumpet Jack Coan Trumpet John Rosenberg Trumpet Glenn Stuart Trumpet Doug Bixby Tuba Ralph Humphrey Vibraphone Rick Quintinal Vibraphone The Blossoms Vocals Patti Allen Vocals The Blossoms Vocals (Background)


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