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Jay Graydon Performances


Over the years Jay Graydon has performed in countless TV shows and other events and on this page we will give you a few of them via the streaming videos posted at Youtube as well as other videos from our archives. Please note, some of the videos feature Jay's songs although he does not perform himself in all videos posted below.


As we know Jay has arranged and played a wonderful rendition of the STAR SPANGLED BANNER, released on the BEBOP album in 2001 and also available in full (in reduced mp3 quality) on this page. What you may not know, however, is that it all started when Jay was touring in Japan with his All Star Band in 1994, and he was asked to play the STAR SPANGLED BANNER with a Jimi Hendrix kind of flavor.

Jay says:
"Since the request for the song, I had one night to figure out some chord melody stuff. A while later, I realized I should work out a complete chord melody arrangement."

The rest is history as they say and as we all know that resulted in the beautiful chord melody arrangement, which Jay plays on the BEBOP album.



We are very happy to be able to show you this video in which Jay Graydon and Randy Goodrum - the new supergroup JaR - share with us their work behind the hit song YOUR HEARTBREAK - one of the great songs on their debut album SCENE 29 The album is getting rave reviews and is available both as a physical album as well as an MP3 download.



Jay and Randy are currently hard at work on their second JaR album and while waiting for the new album, you might enjoy this video featuring this timely and newsworthy song - THE CABO CAD - from their first album SCENE 29.



This JaR video features the wonderful power ballad - WORLDS APART - also from their first album SCENE 29.



Video featuring the title song - SCENE 29 from the current JaR album - SCENE 29 - with a film noir influenced lyric.



The Jay Graydon All Stars performing "Pamela" at Gino, Stockholm, Sweden on February 13, 1996. Special guests Bill Champlin on keyboards and Jason Scheff on bass. What a gig!!!!!!!!!



The JT Super Producers '94 in Japan. David Foster on piano (obviously), Jay Graydon doing his own NOTHIN' YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT, Warren Wiebe on backing vocals, Jerry Hey, Larry Williams, Bill Reichenbach in the horn section, Gary Grant on trumpet, Chester Thompson on drums, Lee Sklar on bass. More than 10,000 happy music lovers in the audience enjoyed the show.



A TV show - probably the Alan Thicke TV show "Thicke of the Night" or maybe another TV show called Friday's - live performance in the late 80s with Al Jarreau doing ROOF GARDEN. Jay Graydon on guitar, George Hawkins on bass, Alex Acuna on drums, Chuck Findley and Jerry Hey on horns, Tom Canning on keyboard. Carmen Twillie, Richard Page and Steve George on backing vocals. (Not very good footage quality, though.)


From the TV show Friday's - Jay Graydon on guitar obviously, Al Jarreau, Alex Acuna on drums, Tom Canning on piano, Chuck Findley and Jerry Hey on horns, Larry Williams on sax, Bill Reichenbach on trombone, George Hawkins on bass, Lenny Castro on percussion, Richard Page, Carmen Twillie, Steve George on background vocals - in brief THE REAL DEAL - doing WE'RE IN THIS LOVE TOGETHER.
BREAKIN' AWAY, which is also in this video, was filmed on the same show as in the previous video with ROOF GARDEN with that set up of musicians and background vocalists.



Earth, Wind & Fire doing Jay Graydon's Grammy winning song AFTER THE LOVE HAS GONE live. (Please note: Jay is not performing in this video.)



Bill Champlin (Chicago, Sons of Champlin) doing the same song during a live performance with Earth, Wind & Fire and Chicago. Bill Champlin co-wrote the song with Jay Graydon and David Foster and it was Grammy awarded as BEST R&B SONG in 1979 and it was also Grammy nominated SONG OF THE YEAR. Bill Champlin's version of the song is included on Jay Graydon's album AIRPLAY FOR THE PLANET. (Please note: Jay is not performing in this video.)



In the recording studio with Donald Fagen and Walter Becker of Steely Dan when they go through the making of the song PEG and explain why Jay was their obvious final choice after turning down 7-8 other guitar players... "and then finally Jay Graydon came in and did it with no difficulty whatsoever" as Walter puts it. (Please note: Jay is performing on the soundtrack that Donald and Walter are playing here, but is not appearing in this video.)

Update 2015! Jay is explaining and showing how he played the full solo on the 4 DVD box set JAY GRAYDON ALL STARS - 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION. The Japan/Scandinavia Tours 1994 and 1996 with documentary bonus material.



Al Jarreau doing Jay's song ROOF GARDEN (LIVE gig). The song is included on the album BREAKIN' AWAY which was Grammy nominated "Album Of The Year". The album BREAKIN' AWAY is also platinum certified. (Please note: Jay is not performing in this video.)


El DeBarge in Jay's lovely song SOMEONE (LIVE gig) included on his album EL DEBARGE. Jay co-wrote the song with Robbie Nevil and Mark Mueller. (Please note: Jay is not performing in this video.)



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